Edmund Elvy (23 June 1633 - 6 Oct 1693) and Mary Figg (1637 - 1696)

Before his marriage to Mary Figg on 11th August 1663 in Tong, Edmund lived in Tong, a hamlet situated between Sittingbourne and Teynham. His wife Mary came from the village Lynsted where Edmund's parents also had lived. The family then first moved to Bapchild and then, shortly before 1670 to Newnham, where their second son Edward was buried in 1670. All their younger children are baptised in Newnham.

Edmund was in Newnham a yeoman and inherited from his father several pieces of land, but in his testament only two parcels of in total 14 acres are mentioned: Greenway and Joggs Dane, both in the parish of Throwley. They were inherited by his son Edmund. Possibly the other parcels were already given to his oldest son Thomas, who married half a year before his father's death. The two youngest sons received 100 Pounds each, which shows that Edmund was in a sound financial position.

On his marriage licence dated 10th August 1663 is stated: "Edmund Elvey of Tong, husbandman, bach, 30 years old and Mary Figg of Lynsted, virgin, 26 years old, whose father consents, as is testified by Henry Bateman of Rodmersham, husbandman." The marriage should take place at Tong or Milstead. (Henry Bateman was the husband of Mary Elvey, the sister of Edmund).

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